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I'm a fan of C4 News. At its best, it can be offbeat, prepared to offer a different perspective, and at ease with a diverse and multiethnic Britain. This occasional blog, though, will be largely devoted to the matter which grates on some viewers even more than some of Jon Snow's ties: the programme's tendentious reporting of Middle Eastern politics.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

A fun day out for all the family

Here's C4 News' report on the Gaza mosque disturbances yesterday. You can watch their video report there. Here are some video stills taken from it (from about 1m 20 sec in):

Two children are visible here.

Here I've highlighted them.

The girl in an orange top is wearing trainers and is generally dressed differently to the adult women.

She clearly has girlish features and is holding an older woman's hand.

That's definitely a child - I've highlighted him/her.

Of course, this isn't a particularly new tactic:

(Hat tip:

Update: see Paul Martin's report on Newsnight here. It includes interviews with some of the women involved stating that they dressed the gunmen in women's clothes to smuggle them out, and one gunman stating that he had fired at the Israelis while the escape was occurring.


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